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Choosing a Suitable Website Provider For Your New Business

Having a website nowadays is more important than ever. Looking to create a functional website for your new business without any technical know-how or the budget to hire a web developer? Website providers will not only help your new website appear online but shine as well.

However, with many website providers locking you in yearly subscriptions, getting stuck with a website provider that doesn’t suit you or have the features you need is the last thing you want.

Recommended New Business Website Provider

Based on our readers’ experiences and recommendations, here are the most recommended website providers for your new business website creation:

Easy To Setup Available Support Affordable Clear Upgrade Path
squarespace.com squarespace.com 2+ Hours, Requires Email Verification Ticket From $144 USD per year Marketing Suite, Ecommerce, Customizations & More
wix.com wix.com 2+ Hours, Requires Email Verification Ticket From $168 USD per year Ecommerce, Customizations & More
wordpress.com wordpress.com Requires Web Developer Through Web Developer Custom Quote Required Speak With Web Developer

Last updated 28th April 2021

Please note this list will over time expand and evolve as more and more new businesses provide their thoughts & feedback and our team manually vet all recommended service providers.

Don’t just rely on our list of recommended website providers for your new business. Take the time to do your own research and decide on one that suits your new business.