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Choosing Video Conferencing Software For Your New Business

Maybe you’re looking to have face-to-face conversations with new clients far away or host brainstorming sessions with your team virtually. Scenarios like these require video conferencing tools. But with lots of different tools to choose from, knowing which to pick and where to start can be challenging. You want to know that you’re getting the best solution for your new business needs now and in the future.

Choosing the wrong video conferencing tool for your new business can make meetings feel like a hassle. You don’t want to waste time acclimating to one, only to switch to another since it doesn’t suit your business needs.

Recommended New Business Video Conferencing Tools

Based on our readers’ experiences and recommendations, here are the most recommended video conferencing tools for your new business:

Easy To Setup Available Support Affordable Clear Upgrade Path
zoom.com zoom.com 10 - 15 Minutes, Requires Email Verification Live Chat + Phone + Tickets Limited Free Plan, From $15 per month per host Addons, customisation, and more
ringcentral.com ringcentral.com Takes minutes, with special onboarding specialist Live Chat + Tickets Demo, Free trial, From $19.99 per month Addons
meet.google.com meet.google.com 10 - 15 Minutes, Tickets Generous free tier, Full feature available to Google Workspace users Integrations, Addons and more
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Last updated 28th April 2022

Please note this list will over time expand and evolve as more and more new businesses provide their thoughts & feedback and our team manually vet all recommended service providers.

Our list is based on our readers’ experiences and recommendations to help look for a perfect platform that provides your new business with a convenient and reliable way to manage your team through virtual meetings and contact clients effortlessly.

Don’t just rely on our list of recommended Video conferencing tools for your new business. Take the time to do your own research and decide on one that suits your business.