Our Commitment To New Businesses

Inspired By Real Experiences, Fueled By Passion & Hard Work

The New Business Centre exists to help new businesses navigate the complex world of starting a new business, from Operations, Sales, and Marketing, to Systems, and more.


Meet Our New Business Specialists Team

Passing on 50+ years combined experience

Our team have mentored and helped build over 500+ businesses, specifically in the last 10 years, from small trades to manufacturing, professional services, startups and a hell of a lot more. We kept seeing the same questions and mistakes every single time, so we’ve created this kit based on our combined experience to save you the pain and hassle that countless new business owners have suffered before.

WHY? We wanted to give something back to the new business community. We’re tired of seeing so many people misinformed, misguided and taken for a ride.


Kaye Priest

With over 30 years experience and having worked with well over 200 Companies, Start up to Exit Strategy, across multiple industries, Kaye has expertise across all things day to day in business which is laid out here in our new business kit giving brilliant insights, shortcuts, and ‘Golden Nuggets’ of information from that experience most new business owners would simply have no clue about.


Matthew Simpson

With over 12 years of experience in the Digital & IT space, Matthew has helped more than 300 businesses get off the ground through websites, IT/systems such as emails, phone systems, project management and more.

His expertise across all things digital & IT is conveyed through our new business kit, providing clear context and insights into the business areas you need to know.


Richard Kayode

With over 8 years of content marketing experience, Richard has that rare combination of content writing strategic skills working on more than 100 websites and businesses.

His extensive knowledge and experience in all things content have been captured in our new business kit to reveal the basics you need to know when starting your business.


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