Are you ready?

Alright, lets cut to the chase

You’re here for one reason, and that’s business. You either recently started one OR you’re thinking about it, and you’re taking one of your first steps (many) towards doing so. Sound about right so far? Well as the title says, let’s cut to the chase, you’re in the right place, great!

Starting a business is EASY.

It’s actually true!

Nearly anyone can register a business ID, come up with a name, get a logo designed and even buy a domain name!

But what’s not easy, is what comes after that.

Well, here are the facts…

On average across Australia, the USA & the UK, 97% of new businesses FAIL after the first 2-4 years, and do you know why?

It’s not because they couldn’t make enough money.

It’s because they didn’t set themselves up properly in the first place, and all the operational pressures created by not managing and implementing the first few steps properly in business makes running ANY business, and your LIFE insanely harder than it should be.

It’s the pressure, the exhaustion, the lack of systems and operational structures in place to do the grind, support the hard work and not hinder yourself & your business from growing.

So imagine this…

You’re in your first or second year of business, you are going GUNS BLAZING.

You posted this awesome video or photo on Instagram or TikTok with the latest challenge dancing to an audio track of the latest hit or w/e works for you and BAM, in no time you’re up 50 leads.

But wait, can you even handle all of these 50 leads?

Are you set up to actually quote or get all these 50 leads across the line?

Are you set up to even DELIVER the actual service or goods these 50 leads want?

MOST will say an astounding YES! “I’ll just stay up all night and make it happen!”.

Well, let’s imagine this happens again, but tomorrow night.

By this point, 20% of those 50 leads from yesterday have said yes.

Suddenly, you have 10 sales that you have to deliver, 10 sales you have to package/prepare for, 10 sales that you have to invoice, and action.

On top of that, you have another 50 leads you have to stay up ALL night again for.

Somewhere down the line doing this day in day out, it all becomes too much…

This is where you say “I’ll just hire someone to do it for me!”.

Well, you just opened another can of worms; management, training, and oversight.

You have even more responsibilities than you did before.

You have even more requirements as a business owner to meet, and that’s before you have gotten used to staying up every night to deal with these new leads every single day.

And here lies the problem…

The pressure just grows and grows and spirals out of control until it’s too much.

Then, it all stops…

Somewhere along the way, you’ve missed leads, haven’t responded to phone calls, your team who don’t have proper processes in place are doing the work but making mistakes over and over again (not by choice), refunds, complaints and negative reviews are piling up, and those leads that helped propel you in the first place stop coming in.

It feels like the roof is collapsing around you, everything becomes a problem, and it’s over.

This is the harsh reality of business.

This is but one of hundreds of examples of why new businesses have such a huge rate of failure.

It has NOTHING to do with more sales, it has NOTHING to do with how quickly you can 10x your business.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how you set up your business in the first year, and how well prepared you are to tackle each step and challenge as it comes.

But you deserve better.

Hi, Welcome to New Business Centre!

Hi, my name is Matt, I am one of the Co-founder’s of New Business Centre, along with my partner Kaye & our team our goal is to help YOU set up your business in the first year for growth and scale. To give YOU the best possible chance of avoiding examples like the above. So YOU don’t become one of the 97%. You become a different kind of statistic, one of the 3% that actually succeed.

Our team have mentored and helped build over 500+ businesses across the last 10 years, from small trades to manufacturing, professional services, startups and a hell of a lot more that have gone on to succeed in many different ways of their choosing.

“Success is not defined by the size of the business, but by the goals of the owner(s).”

But, something wasn’t right.

We kept seeing the same questions and mistakes being made every single time.

So we decided something had to change…

Based on more than 50 years combined experience, we went to work and developed this one of a kind resource to save you the pain and hassle, to save you experiencing all that trial and error that countless new business owners have suffered before.

We developed the new business action plan and the first-year new business passport program.

We developed this, for YOU.

Meet Our New Business Specialists Team

Passing on 50+ years combined experience

Our team have mentored and helped build over 500+ businesses, specifically in the last 10 years, from small trades to manufacturing, professional services, startups and a hell of a lot more. We kept seeing the same questions and mistakes every single time, so we’ve created this kit based on our combined experience to save you the pain and hassle that countless new business owners have suffered before.

WHY? We wanted to give something back to the new business community. We’re tired of seeing so many people misinformed, misguided and taken for a ride.


Kaye Priest

Co-founder & Business Lead

With over 30 years experience and having worked with well over 200 Companies, Start up to Exit Strategy, across multiple industries, Kaye has expertise across all things day to day in business which is laid out here in our new business kit giving brilliant insights, shortcuts, and ‘Golden Nuggets’ of information from that experience most new business owners would simply have no clue about.


Matthew Simpson

Co-founder & Technical Lead

With over 12 years of experience in the Digital & IT space, Matthew has helped more than 300 businesses get off the ground through websites, IT/systems such as emails, phone systems, project management and more.

His expertise across all things digital & IT is conveyed through our new business kit, providing clear context and insights into the business areas you need to know.


Richard Kayode

Content Contributor

With over 8 years of content marketing experience, Richard has that rare combination of content writing strategic skills working on more than 100 websites and businesses.

His extensive knowledge and experience in all things content have been captured in our new business kit to reveal the basics you need to know when starting your business.


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