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Setting Up New Business Email Addresses With Your Domain Name

Your email address says everything about your new business. You need it for recruitment, meetings, networking, and so much more. Common extensions like gmail.com, or hotmail.com screams unprofessional, which might reduce responses to your emails.

Leading email providers offer productivity suites that include everything from cloud storage to word processors and email hosting.

Choosing a suitable email service provider that balances the right features with usability can be challenging as there is a lot to consider, especially in our remote working age.

Leading New Business Email Service Providers

Based on our readers’ experiences and recommendations, here are the most recommended email service providers to get an email address for your new business:

Easy To Setup Available Support Affordable Clear Upgrade Path
workspace.google.com workspace.google.com 30-60 Minutes Live Chat + Tickets From $6 per user per month Customizations, Integrations & More
microsoft.com/microsoft-365 microsoft.com/microsoft-365 30-60 Minutes Live Chat + Tickets From $6 per user per month Customizations, Integrations & More
zoho.com/mail zoho.com/mail 30-60 Minutes, Requires Email Verification Live Chat + Tickets Limited Free Plan, 15-Day Free Trial, From $1 per user per month Customizations, Integrations & More

Last updated 28th April 2021

Please note this list will over time expand and evolve as more and more new businesses provide their thoughts & feedback and our team manually vet all recommended service providers.

There are lots of benefits to having a personalised email address for your new business, and one that is professional will speak volume. Our list is based on the experiences and recommendations from our readers to help make your search easier.

Don’t just rely on our list of recommended new business email service providers. Take the time to do your own research and decide the best email service provider for your new business based on what you need.