Fact: Only 3% of businesses survive longer than 2-4 years, will yours?

Understand the different aspects of sales to keep you from making costly new business mistakes

Whether your new business offering is a service or a product, the ability to drive sales consistently is likely to be one of the priorities on your mind for your new business.

However, sales aren’t just about the number of orders you receive; there are many aspects to sales, from how you sell, to what you sell, and more. Maintaining consistency and taking the time to set up your sales process from the start means you’ll avoid annoying and painful headaches and even guarantee more sales as you go.

This guide contains those fundamentals that you need to know about and put in place to ensure that you’re investing your time wisely into the right sales-driving activities for your new business.

What’s included in this guide and what will it do?

This guide includes 5 chapters covering the basics of Price List, Profit Margin, Suppliers/Vendors, Payment Methods, and Online Feedback/Reviews

The guide will:

  • Help you understand core business profitability metrics such as profit margin, price list and more
  • Give you the opportunity to make your own decision with access to cost-effective tools and resources for your new business sales
  • Equip you with ‘need-to-know knowledge’ on 5 key new business sales topics.

Running a business is no easy feat, but New Business Center has the resources to help. This guide contains the basics to help you to better understand how to set up the right sales-driving activities for your new business. We have provided the head-start, and the tricks to save time, money and make easier decisions. Get the guide now!!

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