Fact: Only 3% of businesses survive longer than 2-4 years, will yours?

Understand at a minimum the basic registrations you need to undertake as a new business

To build and run a very successful business, you need to have a viable idea, think about finances, research apps and software for growth, decide systems and tools to get your marketing and sales off the ground….and so much more. But none of that is as important as getting started properly, i.e. completing every legal paperwork and every other registration process your business needs.

To help, we’ve put together this “fluffless” guide to gain fundamental knowledge on registering your business and setting it up for success. The guide covers useful and ‘need-to-know’ basics from domain name registration to business bank accounts, insurance, and more.

What’s included in this guide and what will it do?

This guide includes 5 chapters covering the basics of Domain Registration, Business Insurance, License & Permits, Trademarks, and Business Banking

The guide will:

  • Introduce you to the “whats” concerning basics you need to build your business on a strong foundation.
  • Give you the basics to help you navigate the maze of licensing, business insurance, trade marks and more as you start your new business
  • Provide uncommon tips on different business registration basics from domain registration to business bank account registration and more

Running a business is no easy feat, but New Business Center has the resources to help. This guide contains the basics to help you to better understand how to register your new business. We have provided the head-start, and the tricks to save time, money and make easier decisions. Get the guide now!!

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  • Guide Level Beginner
  • Reading Time 25 Minutes
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  • Language English
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