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Become one of the 3% of new businesses that actually succeed

Build your business for success

Introducing the all in one DIY first-year business program with everything you need and more to build for growth, scale and success

Access 230+ DIY tasks personalized to your exact business needs
Learn as you go with 25+ personalized training modules
Compare tools & services from other new business experiences
100% personalized straight to the point, and only if its relevant for you
Save thousands with business deals & discounted services
Avoid common mistakes with expert tips & advice
Access 230+ DIY tasks personalized to your exact business needs
Learn as you go with 25+ personalized training modules
Compare tools & services from other new business experiences
100% personalized straight to the point, and only if its relevant for you
Save thousands with business deals & discounted services
Avoid common mistakes with expert tips & advice

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Meet the new way to start a business

Before we created the first year passport program - we were helping businesses AFTER they tried to get established by covering the basics that many of them were getting wrong over and over again.

Hi, my name is Matt, I am one of the Co-founder’s of New Business Centre, along with my partner Kaye & our team our goal is to help YOU set up your business in the first year for growth and scale. To give YOU the best possible chance of achieving success. So YOU become one of the 3% of new businesses that actually succeed.

Our team have mentored and helped build over 500+ businesses across the last 10 years, from small trades to manufacturing, professional services, startups and a hell of a lot more that have gone on to succeed in many different ways of their choosing.

But, something wasn’t right.

We kept seeing the same questions and mistakes being made every single time.

So we decided something had to change.

After spending the last 18 months documenting & applying over 50 years of experience & expertise, we were able to develop a completely personalized new business action plan & first-year program that works for any business.

This first-year passport program allows you to instantly get your own personalized DIY to-do list & training program for your new business that you can follow to set up and establish your business for future growth & sales to go to market properly. While at the same time, saving thousands in time & money avoiding costly mistakes and getting straight to the point.

See below to learn how it all works in detail, but here’s a quick snapshot of it in action:

Here’s what you will get with your Passport

Action Plan With Exclusive Tasks

First up, you complete our business quiz, and then get 230+ exclusive tasks, 100% based on your needs that are not included in the free action plan.

Personalized Training Modules

Second, we explain the what, why and how for every major task that is suggested to you, so you can understand the purpose of each task and how to complete it as you go.

Ability to Set & Save Task Status

Third, you’ll be able to set the status of your tasks as “In Progress” or “Complete” to better track your progress. In ANY order of your choosing, and can come back as you need.

New Tasks Every Month

Fourth, every month we add new tasks that are personalized to help you grow your business, and its up to YOU if you want to explore it or not, hey it's your business!

Tools & Resources Library

Fifth, we're constantly growing our free tools and resources library, that are perfect for saving time & money, and best of all, you can access all of these these on YOUR time.

Savings, Savings, Savings!

Sixth/finally, from big name brands, to up and coming small businesses, you will save thousands with our growing list of business deals & discounted services.

Remove the guesswork from your business

Personalized To Do List

Now that you have tried our free personalized business action plan, it’s time to take things to the next level. Our free report is an excellent tool to get you started, but you’re only seeing 1/4 of the picture, there are literally over 230+ tasks that you could be utilizing!

Making next step decisions is not easy, and without proper training or even guidance for your specific type of business, most of your decisions will be 100% based on guesswork.

This is where our action plan will help your business by providing you with a step by step plan in the form of tasks & training modules you can work on over the next few months while keeping track of everything by setting them as in progress or completed.

Access deals & discounted services to kick start your first year in business

It’s your first year, and everything feels like it costs an arm and a leg, but why should it?

From discounted ongoing services such as accounting tools, credits and more you’ll find plenty of deals & discounts to help you save and kick start your business.

And many more!

Decades of Experience at your fingertips (literally!)

To put this bluntly, our team have been helping the business community for a combined 50+ years! 

Our mission is to help new businesses navigate the complex world of business including Marketing, Sales, Operations and much more by leveraging our expertise and expanding knowledge as we work with literally hundreds of businesses by put back every success, tip, and reward back into this system. 

This exact purpose has allowed us to perfected our skills and developed a strategy that has already helped many new businesses get an edge over their competition; and now we are ready to share our decades of experience with you at a ridiculous cost, so you can grow your business while avoiding costly pitfalls along the way.

Wait, There’s More!

When you join our Passport first-year program, you will not just get a comprehensive personalized business action plan with training modules, but we will also give you access to our complete Business Toolkit to grow your business!

This kit includes five unique guides covering more than 23 business topics with insider knowledge. These guides give you the basics & detailed knowledge about Branding, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Registration for new businesses and more!

We can honestly say, some of the tips and advice shared in these will literally save you thousands in costly mistakes, and believe us because we’ve seen it time and time again.

Our usual selling price for this toolkit is $49.99. But for you, we won’t charge anything extra, it’s 100% included!


But don't just take our word for it

Here is what some of our readers are saying!

4.4 Trust Pilot Rating

I got early access and spent the best part of the morning reading through these guides, amazing insights and knowledge, I understand so much more now than before. Thank you so much to the team from New Business Centre!
Cary Trustpilot - Australia
All the information someone needs to start a business, you can find here. They really go into details of everything you need and what challenges you can potentially face. I recommend this to everyone who is thinking of starting! It’s really a great resource!
Charisse Trustpilot - United States of America
I believe that this is a MUST HAVE for anyone thinking about setting up a new business and chasing their dreams. I look forward to seeing all of the updates and getting access to other resources to help me progress further.
Jim Trustpilot - Australia
Definitely 5 stars! This book helped answer so many questions I had about getting started. Helps put you in the right mindset of starting your business. I highly recommend this book!
William Trustpilot - United States of America
With so much stuff online these days which can be either quite expensive, quite confusing, or simply not what I needed, I was pleasantly surprised with this. It isn't just a nice to have option, but more so a need to have option for anyone looking to start a business or new to business in general. Thanks very much guys. Highly recommended.
Christian Trustpilot - Australia
There are a lot of sites like this but what makes it standout is its straightforwardness. For a reasonable price, it is a great companion for beginners but can also serve as a refresher for those who are already ahead. I'd definitely recommend this to startup business owners.
Kren Trustpilot - Hong Kong